Sunday, June 2, 2013

tool #10

Three things I would make sure students understand in order to be good digital citizens are:
1) how to distinguish good websites from "bad" ones. Wikipedia is informative... but is not regarded as a "good" cite because anyone can write on it, not just experts on the topic.
2) Copyright laws. You can't just pull things off the internet and make them your own. You will get in trouble.
3) The effects of cyber bullying. Students don't realize that what they say on line may not be taken as a joke. What you post online can have an emotional toll on a person, which can result in stress, anger, and sometime suicide.

iSafe seems like a pretty good program to use.In class I would review the contract signed by parents and students regarding technology usage. Then, get into groups to discuss digital citizenship topics such as netiquette, email, cyber bullying, and avoiding plagiarism.

I would probably send a letter home to parents explaining digital citizenship and telling them what their students will be held accountable for. They would have to sign it and have it returned by their students after having read it.

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