Sunday, June 2, 2013

tool #9

Including technology in the classroom is important because technology is such a big part of life today. There is hardly a job in the world that doesn't involve the same technology available in classrooms. The world is becoming a smaller place everyday. Therefore it is important that we as teachers start getting students to use technology for educational and communicative purposes, not just entertainment.Stations or centers are one of my favorite mediums for teaching. This gives students an opportunity to openly explore topics with others in order to form their own understanding. While exploring, they can communicate with one another and become their own teachers.

I do like that most of these sites you can compete with players around the world. Students must realize that job competition starts at an early age in this time period. They will also be competing for jobs with people located in other parts of the world. I would use Thinkfinity and Interactivate.

The apps i would use are the Colombian Exchange app and the Enlightenment app. Both are able to be completed in a day, but with a limited amount of ipads in the class, students must be held accountable to use their time wisely and stay on task.

I've also made mini powerpoints on subjects and put them on different ipads spread around the class. students rotate to them taking notes themselves on each topic.

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